Cor.Fit 360 Tour – Obstacle Race Training Facility is Calgary’s first indoor obstacle training facility.

Whether you’re looking for a place to have a workout that’s more fun than boring treadmills and weights or if you want to compete in national obstacle races like Tough Mudder, Spartan SGX or American Ninja Warrior, training is the most critical factor in building up the strength and endurance needed to make it to the finish line.

COR.FIT is the largest facility in Canada offering the custom obstacles you need to get a complete training session to build yourself up to be able to compete in the highest levels of the race. We have onsite trainers and nutrition consultants to help you set and achieve the goals along your path to superior fitness!

This is your chance to try your hand at the 14′ warped wall or a salmon ladder as featured on American Ninja Warrior.

Visit the website at Cor.Fit to find out more!
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