Wizardry of Artificial Intelligence: AI & Machine Learning in Cancer Imaging – Prof. Celso Matos

Professor Celso Matos, Head of Imaging at the Champalimaud Medical Centre, Co-Director of Champalimaud Study, and 1 of the organising committee members of this International Cancer Imaging Society meeting, invitations participants to “the Wizardry of Artificial Intelligence: AI and Machine Learning in Cancer Imaging.”
Hosted by the Champalimaud Basis on 17 and 18 May well 2019, this free of charge function provides gurus from all-around the environment together for this distinctive concentration multidisciplinary conference on the improvement and software of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Cancer Imaging. Sign up at: https://www.icimagingsociety.org.uk/index.cfm?task=confregister&meetingid=163