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Change Management __ The Heart Of Project Management

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Change is an indispensable trait for development so it’s an important organ of Project Management. A change effort or initiative must start with a vision.

What is the change? Why should it be given importance? What are the outcomes?

This I will explain through project experience.

Characteristics • Imaginable – conveys a picture of what the future will look like • Desirable – appeals to the long-term interests of employees, customers, stakeholders etc. • Feasible – comprises realistic, obtainable goals • Focused – clear enough to provide guidance in decision making • Flexible – General enough to allow initiative and alternative responses


  • Employee resistance
  • Communication breakdown
  • Insufficient time devoted to training
  • Staff turnover during transition
  • Costs exceeded budget
  • Uncommitted sponsor

In one of my projects these characteristics were implemented & a lot of stress given to this. We procured new Extrusion machine & did internal R&D thus increased the production to 6% more than the rated capacity of machine thus with the same amount we were 6% ahead of our competitors in every aspect.


Before embarking on a change initiative, spend some time answering the questions below to assess how you feel about the change. Consider the following questions to help you gauge your preparedness for the initiative:

• Do I know the changes, their impact, rationale and benefits? • Could I explain them to anyone I work with? • Do I believe the change is worthwhile? • How is the change impacting my existing workload? • How can I communicate the need for change, the first steps, how people will be supported, and when we have achieved quick wins? • Are there other parallel projects that will have an impact on the changes I’m managing? • Will the changes impact the same group? • Can we combine forces and integrate plans and communication? • What changes will happen and when? • Has change successfully occurred in these groups in the past? • Can we learn from what did or did not work well? • What level of trust exists between groups and how can this be improved? • When is communication necessary? • How can I make the messages clear, interesting, and engaging?

In the project which I stated, we have a vision, a team, a clear layout, a plan etc. We compete with market & today we are more efficient than our counterparts.

Thus this way we achieved a brand name by the change management.”’

Thanking You for giving your precious time, looking forward for your suggestion for improvement.


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