How to communicate with stakeholders when systems are down in a cybersecurity crisis

Cybersecurity is a higher-possibility circumstance that pertains to each organization. This means that it really should certainly be integrated into your disaster preparedness program.

When functioning with clients to strategy for and prepare for this type of higher-possibility circumstance, one particular critical issue that we often address is:

“In the party that our programs are down, what is the very best substitute evaluate for speaking with stakeholders?”

In my expertise, most people today are inclined to choose a much more normal approach when answering this issue. For instance, they may possibly ponder possessing an external Gmail account that their staff can leverage in the party that their own servers and e-mails are down. But even though this may possibly be a answer for some – some companies and some of their stakeholders – it generally is not a “catch-all” answer. Why? For various motives, like:

– This may possibly not be the very best means of interaction with all of the organization’s stakeholders
– Dependent on the organization, Authorized and Compliance may possibly not concur with this approach, for distinct motives.

So if a normal approach is not perfect, what is the very best way to approach answering this critical issue?

In this week’s #crisisready video clip, I give insight into the very best way to approach and answer this critical cybersecurity disaster issue. Consider a appear!

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