Section 3 Introduction | Go Incognito 3.1

Welcome to Go Incognito, a whole guidebook to safety, privacy and anonymity. This is lesson one of Portion 3: Portion 3 Introduction. This lesson introduces all the things that will be protected in portion 3, ranging from settings, permissions, updates, password management, two-component authentication, research engines, browser setup/hardening, proxies, VPNs, antiviruses, malware, file delete, storage, encryption, communication, and additional!

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Go incognito is a class training all the things you have to have to know about market place manipulation, credit card fraud, id theft, hacking, leaks, stalking, mass authorities surveillance, and additional…We ALL have some thing to shield. This class will address all the things from password management, VPNs, Tor, cryptocurrencies, anonymity, cybersecurity, hacking prevention, pseudonyms, and a great deal a great deal additional!

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