CXC Ecoverse: Cognitive Architectures vs. Deep Learning, Peter Voss pt. 3

In this episode of CXC Ecoverse, Peter Voss starts unpacking his groundbreaking method to Artificial Intelligence identified as Cognitive Architectures. Listed here he starts outlining the difference between Cognitive Architectures and Deep Learning, the method to A.I. most prevalent these days. As an A.I. pioneer, Peter has been investigating and producing Artificial Intelligence from this incredibly diverse paradigm for a incredibly extended time and has presently realized commercial achievement with his method.

Peter Voss is Founder, CEO and Main Scientist of AIGO.AI ( and a BlockVentures Pal and MasterMind. He has taken a diverse road to Artificial Intelligence and thinks simple, operating applications of Synthetic Common Intelligence are presently generating our life greater. Peter is a pioneer in AGI, and in truth, he and various of his scientist colleagues ended up the initial coin the time period.

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