What's Next for Buildings – From the Watson IoT Cognitive Buildings Forum

What if a making could adapt to the way you use it? To find out how to unlock the entire opportunity of your properties, read through “ten Means That Cognitive Computing is Shaping the Long run of Good Structures” on SlideShare: http://ibm.co/1T4SfFo

IBM and WIRED are bringing with each other considered leaders, marketplace professionals and technologists to examine how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the globe about us. Moderated by Dude Raz (host of National Community Radio’s TED Radio Hour), the Cognitive Constructing Forum examines how IoT is shaping the way we layout, build, use, sustain and working experience the properties about us. Discover how IoT details can renovate layout, development, use, routine maintenance, and the occupant working experience: http://ibm.co/iot-properties