6-Year-Old Genius Kid Becomes Etihad Airways Pilot for a Day

Six-yr-previous Adam has constantly been fascinated by planes and aviation. His aspiration is to grow to be a Captain of an A380 Airbus. On board a flight from Morocco to Abu Dhabi, our Etihad Airways Cabin Crew seen that the boy plainly desired to fly the aircraft and was passionate about plane. They decided to produce the option of a life time for Adam, by inviting him into the cockpit.

The video went viral following Captain Samer Yakhlef managed to movie some of Adam’s genius on his cellphone. The globe was captivated.

We were so impressed by Adam when he came to discuss to us in the cockpit, that we desired to make his dreams a reality. Adam became an Etihad pilot for a working day, and actually had the option to fly his favourite plane in our Instruction Academy simulators.

Captain Adam, may perhaps your dreams fly superior!