Keto Diet Before and After (What 4 Months on the Keto Diet Looks Like!)

Stop by for far more about me on the keto diet regime right before and immediately after, lower carb recipes, assets and far more!

Heaviest weight: 251 lbs
Began Keto September 2015: 231pounds
Present Body weight January 2016: 180 lbs

Above 50 lbs lost in four months! WHAAAAT?!

I filmed the right before video clip four months ago when I began the keto diet regime. The “immediately after” video clip is me now, even though I’m however operating to my aim weight and system to continue the keto diet regime indefinitely. As an alternative of a “keto right before and immediately after”, it can be far more of “keto right before and through”. (:

I only have 20 lbs to go until eventually I strike my aim weight of 160! I advised my hubby I want to get down to the weight I was when we initial began dating and I’m virtually there. It feels so very good!

When I observed the video clip facet by facet, I could not consider the variation! It took a little bit to muster up the bravery to share, but I was so happy with the visible final results and how very good it built me feel I just had to do it.

Everybody that has shared their progress, achievement and tales have offered these huge commitment for me on my journey. I often cherished seeing keto diet regime right before and immediately after videos for inspiration (and however do!), so I thought I might just go for it!