Lean Strategy in 6 Points

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In advance of to commence with a Lean Tactic you have to realize what is lean.

The moment you did it, you can stick to this six techniques.

1º – Resolve as significantly as attainable the high quality problems, as well as wasted time and other difficulties that make instability in the movement.

2º – Make attainable that sections movement as rapidly as attainable with U condition cells, preventing course of action variations.

3º – System will have to be standardized as significantly as attainable and stabilized alongside the distinctive procedures.

4º – Start working with pull, don´t withdraw material till you get a need from next course of action.

5º – Try to minimize production batches, growing the deliveries and leveling the inner need.

6º – Do Kaizen each individual working day to boost the course of action.

Is not effortless and need a large amount of function,
but is attainable.

I did quite a few instances with superb benefits.

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