Recurrent Neural Network Writes Sentences About Images | Two Minute Papers #23

This strategy is a mix of two impressive machine learning algorithms:
– convolutional neural networks are outstanding at image classification, i.e., getting out what is noticed on an input image,
– recurrent neural networks that are able of processing a sequence of inputs and outputs, therefore it can produce sentences of what is noticed on the image.

Combining these two strategies tends to make it attainable for a computer to explain in a sentence what is noticed on an input image.


The paper “Deep Visible-Semantic Alignments for Producing Image Descriptions” is offered right here: today/karpathy/deepimagesent/

A gallery with more effects with the same algorithm: today/karpathy/deepimagesent/generationdemo/

You can practice your have convolutional neural network right here: today/karpathy/convnetjs/demo/cifar10.html

The supply code for the job is now offered right here:

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