3 Questions – Philippe Vivien, Managing Director, Alixio / ESSEC ALUMNI HR Club

How did Human Methods evolve in the previous twenty a long time?
HR have absent by means of good transformations in the previous 25 a long time. In the previous, the accent was strongly place on personnel, on admin, on manufacturing. Today HR enjoy a three-fold part: you must under no circumstances forget it has a manufacturing part, a strategic part for higher management and a part HR almost never enjoy, a cultural one. It is really a important section of HR to have a cultural operate to influence the corporate culture. We are starting up to see HR administrators contacting them selves «  Chief Cultural Officers  ». It surely signifies a thing: I’m not absolutely sure in which we are heading with it, but it is an adventure HR must embrace and integrate.

What part for the HR Department in the digital transformation?
It has almost nothing to do with introducing tablets, new systems and shared spaces. It is really a disgrace there is typically that confusion. The authentic problem with digital transformation is that your enterprise will not stop at the status of the workforce. Today when you examine a e book like “The Age of Accomplishing” by Michel Lallement, you plainly understand this digital transformation is almost nothing else but a new way of operating. Having this into account, I am not absolutely sure, we HR administrators are prepared for the reason that we have a tendency to regulate and undertake designs that have a potent authorized written content. HR administrators will be successful in their changeover if they loosen their grip. It is really the opposite of what we were taught: we were taught to build procedures, to validate them, to have every person in shape in the framework one way or yet another. Listed here, we have a movement in the other direction. Digital transformation is the good problem for HR, in which you really don’t have to be present, to perform side by side, in which collaborative perform is completely unique. The Fab Lab movement, anything heading on everywhere you go, it’s heading to adjust our job.

What do you believe about the debates about the new labour regulation?
Just place, I believe the labour regulation is fascinating. It was vital and it was gutted. It begun effectively, we experienced three incredibly fascinating experiences: the Combrexelle report on social dialogue, the Mettling report on new systems, and the lesser-acknowledged and incredibly complex report by regulation professor Jean-François Cesaro on person social advantages. It could appear unclear, but it’s what gave all its this means to the transformation, by means of social dialogue. The three subjects were bundled into what became the Badinter report that stepped into the authorized industry, while the three first experiences were of economic, social and cultural character. The authorized facet is back, and with it, new barriers that will make issues additional difficult. We are all operating to locate options, but in the close it will never be fulfilling. The bill is heading to develop trenches and adverse positions, it’s a disgrace. In the close really don’t be mistaken: the regulation is the regulation, and it’s the practitioners’ job to put into action it. And it’s our job to locate place for manoeuvre.