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PM Leadership Skills: Never Blame

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Some managers spend too much time finding other team members to blame in order not to put themselves on the line. Blaming someone else might sound great to many but they will end up with no one else to blame except themselves because by blaming others, you give up your power to grow and change.

What are the side effects of blaming others ?

  1. Demotivates the Team
  2. Build Internal Fear
  3. Destroys Trust
  4. Lowers Team Performance

All the above will eventually reflect negatively on the project.

How to handle Problems while managing projects ?

  1. Understand the Problem and determine Root Cause.
  2. Work with the Team to solve the problem together.
  3. Record the Lessons Learned.
  4. Apply interim solutions to reduce impact.

Always Remember

Managers should complement the team members, not compete with them. Managers should be moral booster and should guide and coach team/ member to success. If anything goes wrong the manager should be able to confront the problem and make strategy and inspire the team come with the solution.