Jason Simon | Data Challenges Faced by Education Institutions | UNT

Jason Simon Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Information Analytics and Institutional Analysis, at the College of North Texas (UNT) explains the information troubles confronted by schooling establishments.

Most universities these days experience a popular challenge: they simply cannot obtain access to all the appropriate information and analyze it to obtain further insights. UNT experiences this challenge as properly. They strived to and overcame these information troubles when building their information governance system and analytics method.

Bio: Jason Simon is Assistant Vice President for Information Analytics and Institutional Analysis at the College of North Texas. In this ability, Simon leads an enterprise vast information warehouse and analytics system that brings alongside one another information resources throughout the entire campus. He also serves as an affiliate college member in the bigger schooling section. Over his twenty+ year career, he has led teams in improvement, university student affairs, academic affairs, and finance and administration.

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