Proof of Concept: Tech Mahindra’s SDN-NFV Smart City Solution

At first Released on 8 Apr 2015

Tech Mahindra’s SDN-NFV Clever Town Resolution
IntroductionSDN and NFV are earning today’s networks adaptable. Tech Mahindra’s SDN-NFV enabled Clever Town alternative leverages this flexibility to deal with scenarios exactly where prioritization of network targeted traffic is desired.The alternative transforms the network infrastructure with SDN-enabled products. The alternative deploys a centralized SDN controller that acts as the mind of the network. The alternative also consists of Tech Mahindra’s SDN Apps that are deployed on prime of the SDN controller to configure targeted traffic circulation as a result of the network. The SDN Apps:Re-configure flows to meet up with preferred latency and bandwidth parameters, dependent on the sender.Guarantee that the appropriate precedence is assigned to essential targeted traffic.Keep an eye on and re-configure the network near serious-time to exploit the flexibility of SDN networks.Also, applying Tech Mahindra’s virtualized LTE Advanced Packet Core which is deployed above OpenStack Virtualization Platform (based on NFV Benchmarks), each time there is a result in from the network, the alternative delivers an warn to LTE enabled cellular products.
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SDN-NFV enabled Clever Town Resolution PDF VIRTUALIZED Advanced PACKED Core PDF
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